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Complete collapse | Semantic saturation

My most serious semantic saturation event occurred in the after-school tutoring class in elementary school. At that time, I liked Chinese characters and often tried to break them down and guess their meanings. I was looking at a character (I forgot what character it was) for a while, and not only did I forget how to pronounce it, but I also couldn't recognize other characters... I couldn't even recognize my own name! This made me feel terrified as a child, thinking that I would become illiterate in the future... The teacher in that tutoring class was a colleague of my aunt's who used to teach at the same elementary school. She was a retired and kind old lady. She told me to calm down first and slowly taught me how to write simple characters like one, two, three, four, etc. Gradually, I remembered what Chinese characters were all about. Until now, I haven't heard of anyone experiencing such a serious semantic saturation event. This can be considered as one of my wonderful experiences 🤣
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